Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Prayer for Ash Wednesday

Lord, it feels like we are embarking on a Lenten journey together, you and I. The beautiful words in the today's prayer talk about the "quiet remembrance of our need for redemption." That feels like what I am looking for - or what you are looking for in me. I want to remember how much I need you in my life and how much my life needs redemption. I want to remember it clearly and in the background of my day today and all through Lent.
On this special day, Ash Wednesday, may my small sacrifices in fasting be a way to clear away the clutter in my life to see you more clearly. May my longing for meat and other food, help me to focus my life today more outside myself. Let me be aware of those who are in so much more suffering than I am and may I be aware of them as the brothers and sisters you have placed in my life.

Lord, I know there is darkness within me and around me. Bless these days with your Word. Let your Light shine in the darkness. Help me long for that Light until we celebrate it at the Vigil six weeks from now.

And most of all Lord, help me to honor this day with the ashes on my forehead. They help me remember where I have come from and where I am going. May I acknowledge to you my sins and my deep need for your loving forgiveness and grace. I pray that this Lenten season will make me so much more aware of how much I need your healing in my life.


From the Online Ministries at Creighton Uni.

Couldn't resist

And favorite. Because it's still technically fasting if you ask for it "without meat"?

Monday, February 23, 2009

The ballet lesson

E had her first ballet lesson on Saturday. It was really sweet to see my daughter starting something that was such a huge part of my childhood (for those unaware, I danced more days than not from 3rd grade up through highschool).

She was really shy at first, but eventually warmed up to the other girls in the class and the teacher. Then they had to put on their tap shoes. We didn't have tap shoes for Emma at the first class, so the rest of the day was spent getting her fitted in a local dance store. Hopefully I will get good pics of the tap shoes at the next lesson.

Ready to go mom!

I wish I had tap shoes on as well....

Did you see my pretty flowy skirt?

Can you show me that arabesque again please?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sweet sisters

They usually fight, but occasionally, when they least suspect it....I catch them enjoying each other.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another one bites the dust

...and why should we have a few days of healthy around here? It just wouldn't be flu season without a feverish face or a runny nose somewhere in our house.
Emma crashed hard yesterday after two days of fever. We went to the Dr. and she was negative for the flu and strep...which means there is bloody nothing they can do to help her. What is Tylenol/Motrin supposed to do for cough and runny nose? Who do these Dr's. think they are taking away our children's cold medicines. Have they ever not slept for 6 weeks???

Today we opened our windows and bought new filters in an effort to rid the house of the bugs. Now I feel that all-too-familiar tickley scratchy goopy throat thing that happens the day before you wake up miserable. Pray it doesn't happen. I have to sing again at church on Sunday...and it's Bach. I love singing Bach!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Orthopedic visit

We saw the ortho today, and he gave us a lot more insight on what the next few weeks would be like. Jacob has a break on the R side that kind of looks like a this:

This is not his Xray of course....obviously since this is some one's L side. But you get the point. The bone should be straight, just like your arm or leg bone. Not the case with J.

He must have landed pretty hard.

He was relieved that the Dr. took him out of his figure 8 splint. They are very uncomfortable!!!! The Dr. said that the only way they are effective in immobilizing the shoulder is if the brace is pulled super tight....then you risk nerve damage in the arms. Nice! This is an example of a collar bone splint...

Now he will wear this new brace (sling) for 4 weeks (which he is MUCH happier about). It not only puts the arm in a sling, but also straps it down around his back so he can't really move the arm at all. He can release the bottom strap when necessary for writing/drawing. We will see the Dr. again in 1 month for a new Xray and see if he can slowly start returning to light activity. For now...he can do nothing. And he is working on trying everything with his left hand.

When I dropped him off at school, the kids were at recess. He was immediately swarmed by all the girls. I told him he will probably have rockstar status for a few days until everyone gets used to seeing him that way! I don't think he minds too much.... :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Bedhead, flu bugs, and bones

What a February we have had thus far! Over the last few weeks Brad has had harpsichords to visit, concerts to play, and it all ended up with him getting the flu and being down for the rest of the weekend. He still feels bad from it. I am really starting to get tired of taking care of family sicklings. Why can't we all just get well? We have had someone sick since Christmas....and it just doesn't seem to be stopping. Just as B seems to be winding down with the flu virus, E spikes a fever (today) and has been clingy and miserable. I'm ready for some TLC of my own. One of these days....*sigh*

Here are the girls Thursday after naps. Aren't they fun??

Iz's bedhead debut

E usually has the top prize for bedhead between the two ...

But not today!!!

Speaking of Thursday, that night Jacob wrecked his scooter at his dad's house. He was going down a really steep hill and decided he wanted to stop, but the scooter stopped and he kept going. He stayed home from school at his dad's house on Friday resting and icing the bruises he had along his shoulder and back. I asked him to take him to the Dr. "just to be sure" but he decided he was just sore.

I had a concert yesterday, so naturally there was a dress rehearsal Saturday morning. I was on my way out the door when Brad handed me my V-day present. He got tickets to 3 Dallas Stars home games! The Stars are the only professional team of anything that I care to watch. (Now if we can just find a babysitter for each game so we don't miss any of the action, and much-needed time to ourselves. )

Back to Saturday...
J's dad dropped him off after rehearsal and my mom and I immediately noticed that he just didn't look right. He was standing in a strange position, and wouldn't use his R arm, which is his dominant side. I called the Dr. (whose nurse yelled at me for not bringing him in sooner) and we were off to urgent care. We spent 4 hours there for them to tell us he has a broken clavicle (collar bone). He was put into a figure of 8 brace and told not to "do anything" for 6 weeks. Yeah, sure Dr. lady! You sit with my 9 year old son and make sure he doesn't "do anything" for 6 weeks. While you're at it maybe you can cure my family of all their ailments.

Right now I just feel so helpless. I've never had a broken bone, nor a child with one. It feels awful. I want to fix it NOW. And there isn't much they can do for collar bone fractures. We follow up with the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow morning. Hopefully I can get more insight into this "not doing anything for 6 weeks". I will update you all with the news.

And now I am going to collapse....

Friday, February 6, 2009

My Oscar moment

This blog has been chosen by RL friend Elastigirl for blogging award. Her exact quote was: "These children are so sweet you may get a cavity". Hmmm....I ponder quietly to myself. I am honored to accept on behalf of said "sweet" beings.

Here's the explanation and the silly rules that go with it:

"These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."
I don't really have 8 picks, but here are some great reads!
1. As for the Haner home - This mom is a dear friend from high school; an attorney turned SAHM. She is a constant source of inspiration with her spiritual parenting tips, eco-friendly home advice, and amazing patience that I have admired in RL. Oh, AND she makes the cutest baby clothes and bows!
2. Loved by Three - Cleverly written, and fun "Not Me Mondays", my SIL is new to the blog scene, but you'd never know it. She writes for all of us SAHMs! Also, I get to see pics of my sweet God children everyday.
3. And the world spins madly on- Adorable pics and video of a RL friend's sweet new baby. It's also her first and I'm having fun thinking back to the calm days before sibling rivalry, music classes, and homework....ahhhh when the parents outnumber the babes.
4. Great Expectations- Also RL friends (and J's God parents) parenting their first offspring. This blog gives you what you really want: all the cute baby pics...very little idle chatter. And I'm amazed how much they do with their little one. As for culture, he lacketh not.
As I am posting these, no one has the award up on their blogs yet - go check them out and make new friends!!

Random ice storm

Last week we had a minor ice storm, but it was enough to keep the kids out of school for two days. They were really bummed that it wasn't snow, and epecially sad they couldn't go out and play in it.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


So it's been forever since I've posted. I know, I know.

We have had at least one person sick in this house since Christmas. I guess I started it all with the horrible cold I got on Christmas Day. Since then Isabel has had a sinus infection, bronchitis, and is running a low grade fever as I type. Emma had an ear infection a few weeks ago, and her fever went up today as well. Bad was sick with a sore throat, which he so kindly passed on to me last week. I think the only one who has managed to stay healthy through all this is Jacob who escaped with only a minor stuffy nose around New Years.

On a happier note, Brad and I got to take a trip sans children last weekend. It was amazing. My folks watched the kids so we never had to worry about whether or not they were OK. We went to Fredericksburg which is in the hill country. For my California relatives reading this, Texas Hill country is about as pretty as you get in Texas...and it is gorgeous. It was even pretty this time, during the winter when everything is dormant.

The town of Fredericksburg is a quaint little town known for it's German Heritage and shopping. We ran into gobs of women's groups who were down there for some time away from the kids and men. I am lucky enough to be married to someone who enjoys that type of shopping, and we had a great time.

We ate nothing but German food the whole time (except for a dessert of Creme Brulee), which was fun for me. I love trying new foods. Since Brad has been teaching the girls to speak German, we have adopted many German type things into our home. Movies, books, brats, and now I am addicted to sauerkraut (although is I smell it again for several months it will be too soon).

It was really nice to get away from it all. So nice, we forgot to take any pictures. You will just have to take our word for it!

P.s. I just HAVE to mention that Brad bought me the Keurig coffee brewer that I have wanted forever for my Bday....and I feel like royalty. For those of you who are not aware, I am a coffee connoisseur and this toy just feeds my addictions. You just turn it on, put in a pod of coffee, put a cup under the spout, and press a button. Coffee on demand. No mess, no clean-up. So spoiled!