Tuesday, June 30, 2009

GIrls in curls

Pictures of the girls were a part of Brad's father's day present. (He also got a home made ice cream maker, something he has wanted forever). He always wishes that he could freeze time and keep the girls this age forever. I handed him a collage frame with some of these in it and said "I can't keep them this age forever, but here is what I CAN do".

My friend, Dawn (also Jacob's god mommy), is a natural photographer, and is the only person I've ever known to be able to capture all three of my children's personality on film. The dresses they are wearing wear purchased by Brad in Peru last year while he was touring in South America.

There were SO many beautiful images to choose from, but here are some of my personal favorites.

Monday, June 15, 2009

A day in my life!

Being a parent is one of life's greatest sources of entertainment. At least once a day all three of my children say something that is news worthy...at least in my eyes. The cuteness never ceases to amaze me. These quotes happened in thepast couple of days. I am hoping to blog about these memorable words so one day, when they are all grown up, and being cranky teenagers, I can look back to time when they were naive innocent and brilliant, all at the same time.

I'll start with the oldest. This one needs no setting up except for the fact that it was completely random. Nothing was on tv or anywhere around us regarding the topic.

Jacob: "Mommy...I don't think I will ever run for President"

Me: "Phew, that's a relief! But what made you decide that?"

Jacob: "Well, I'm going to be in a band...so I can buy a mansion. And I don't really want to live in the White House. You have to actually WORK when you live there and I will already have a job...playing in a band. Oh and some presidents get shot."

This one might be my favorite. This one needs a little background info. We had severe storms blow through last Wednesday and knock down several trees and power in our neighborhood. The surrounding area was hit pretty hard as well. We promised Emma we would take her to the Disney princess store if she took a nap on Thursday. (Which she did). We went to the store and it was closed due to store damage. Oh, and my parents were out of town.

So, we took her on the carousel instead. She didn't seem to be too bothered by it. Until we were driving to church on Sunday and I heard this:

"Mommy, I need Papa to come home so he can fix the Disney princess store so I can go shopping and buy Apple princess (aka Snow White)"

And finally our little Izzie B. She has a sweet demeanor that is very tender at times. She will come up and put your face in her hands, stroking your cheek and whispering softly to you. Sometimes she does this while saying "go to sleep" or "I love you".

Yesterday at lunch she was stroking my face sweetly and looking into my eyes. Then she lovingly whispered, "Mommy....you have boogers".

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The First Communion

What can I say? She was absolutely beautiful. Friends who saw her said she looked like"a princess" ..."an angel". She was breathtaking.

I will say she had a wonderful day. She said she didn't want "Jesus' blood because it's gross". But as we walked away from the rail she changed her mind and we kindly, yet firmly, reminded her it was too late and she could try again next week. She received some beautiful gifts including three necklaces (one of which she wears every day from god parents Allen and Cynde) a little girl's Bible from Nana and Papa, and a beautiful angel figurine from god parents Blair and Lisa. Here are some photos of our beautiful angel from God.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dress rehearsal and dance recital

Day of the recital:
Hair and make-up done!

Ready for the show!

E refused to nap on Friday, so on the way to the dress rehearsal she passed out
and proceeded to stay asleep in my lap until right before her class went onstage.

Day of the recital:

After a minor tap shoe emergency was solved by Super Nana,
we were off and ready for the show!

Just happy to be here!

Here she is!!
With daddy after the show.
Flowers for a job well done!
That's all folks!!!