Thursday, October 25, 2007

She did it!

Here it is!!!! captured on camera for your viewing pleasure. This was the 3rd time though...not the first. I was gone for the first :(

Are you ready this time mom?

Watch me now....this is so exciting....

This is the hard part.

The rest is a piece of cake

Well, except for the arm. I always get hung up on that arm.

(notice I've lost most of my baby hair, except for that back patch.)...and done. YAY ME!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Prayers for rain

Please keep the people of Southern California in your prayers. I ask specifically for prayers for several of my family members and friends who live in and around the areas that are being evacuated. We pray for their safety and health and a speedy end to the horrific inferno.

Update on 10/25:
My godparents (who live in the San Diego area) are ok. They have been put on alert and packed everything up, but have not received the call to evacuate yet.

My aunt and uncle (who live in San Clemente) are apparently just 10 miles from the fiery blasts, but are not concerned about evacuation at this point.

So, both families that are too close for comfort are safe at this time. Thank you for your prayers!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Like sands through the hourglass... are the days of our lives.
My oldest baby is 8 years old today. Where has the time gone? I just got back from taking cupcakes to school for his class and eating lunch with him. I passed a line of Kindergarteners walking through the hall and it occured to me how big Jacob has grown. The last I measured (during the summer) he was 52 inches tall (4'4") and weighed around 65 pounds. He wears a size 8 in pants and a 10 in shirts. I can't even shop for him at the Carter's outlet anymore....he is a big boy now, but still so young and naive in many ways.

In other milestone news:
Emma turned 14 months yesterday and Isabel took 1 ounce of formula out of a bottle on Friday and yesterday! Things are good. Still very hectic and crazy, but good.
Now for what you really want!
J won't let me take a pic of him. He insists on doing all of his photography

Someone's sleepy

The world from another view...first time in her Bumbo seat. I'm starting to wonder about this crazy lady taking pics of me

First smile I've been able to snap

Fresh out of the tub. Ready for bed!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes

My children never cease to amaze, nor amuse me. On the way home from school today J told me I would NEVER believe what the girls were saying at school today. Try me, I said.

"Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider" he said.

I pretty much rolled on the proverbial floor of the car laughing, for it was not so long ago that my 2nd grade friends and I sang the well known chant. It actually ended I believe with "Girls go to Mars to get candy bars". Hilarious.

Last night at my parent's house my mom asked Emma if she wanted ice cream. She isn't supposed to really eat ice cream, but my dad occasionally sneaks her a spoonful. She has learned that anytime he has a bowl of something, she may get ice cream. So mom asked if she wanted ice cream. She got a big smile on her face and said (for the first time)....

"Papa!" Priceless!

Speaking of Papa. Mom and dad went to get the biopsy results last Friday. After waiting for 2 agonizing hours, with no hope of the Dr ever showing up, they walked away pretty miffed. I still have not heard anything about it. So...we wait still.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


Sorry for the lack of a new post in awhile. Emma and I have been sick, and now poor Isabel has a runny nose. The boys seem fine so far...let's hope they stay that way.

After several weeks of fighting with Iz when it comes to nursing, I decided it was time to wean her. The only problem is...she won't take a bottle. Last week I realized that it is highly possible that she just can't take one. I guess we always assume a baby should come out knowing how to take a bottle. It's just not the case though.

A dear friend of ours has a little boy, M, that had feeding troubles throughout the first year of life. After talking to her, it sounds like Iz is showing some of the same signs of the problem. Our first step is to meet with a lactation consultant to see if it is a simple latch issue, or something bigger. This whole situation has been extremely difficult for all of us. Please pray for us as we seek out a solution to the problem and for Iz. I hate that nursing isn't the comfort that it should be for her. Her greatest comfort right now is the swing, and I hate that....I'm her should be me.