Monday, April 28, 2008

On the cusp...

Today Iz took 3 steps towards me. I got so excited, I think I scared her and she sat down. Watching her this past weekend I realized she has had the ability to walk for quite some time, but not necessarily the desire. She is the most cautious baby I have ever seen. Her steps are precise and deliberate, and she always is looking for something to grab nearby. She is complacent to play by herself with really no outside help or stimuli. She can NOT be related to J and E. They are daredevils. I have not had an overly cautious child before. This could be a nice change from constantly biting my nails off as my children are climbing on things, jumping off and flying through the air. There will be sweet Iz, ducking behind me until the coast is clear.
I will admit though, I am ready for her to talk off on her feet. It would sure save the knees on her pants for one, and as the weather gets warmer it will be nice to dress her in shorts and dresses!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Girls and curls everywhere...

Well, B took off for South America this past Thursday morning before the sun came up. And yesterday J's dad came to pick him up for the weekend. So for now it's just the girls in the house. I've had a migraine the last two nights, complete with nausea and light/sound sensitivity. It seems ok now, but I can feel it looming in the vicinity of my head. Ugh.

I always thought I would enjoy having alone time and peace and quiet, but last night we had a scary situation. The dogs had been barking and seemed very restless...but I was too scared to go downstairs and check it out. Then about 11:45 one of E's toys randomly went off. Normally you have to bump a switch to get it to play that particular song. The cat was with not an easy explanation. I started getting a little nervous that someone was in the house when I heard a blood-curdling shriek from E's room. I ran full speed ahead into her room. She was standing there, just screaming about something. No one was there so I am assuming it was a bad dream.

I checked the downstairs, but my heart was racing. I didn't look that thoroughly. All doors were still locked, so I took several Excedrin and went to sleep.

I got a text from B very late Thursday night saying that he had arrived safe and sound, but his bags didn't make it. Then I had an email from him yesterday saying that they finally got them yesterday. He says the city is dirty, the people seem nice, and the food is AWFUL. He is already homesick. We will have some contact while he is in this leg of the trip. He will be there until Sunday morning. Then...I have no idea where he will be or if we will have contact. Last night we were texting and "watching" the Stars play....and I just have to say "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DALLAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!""""""

Here are some pics of the girls' curls I sent to him yesterday via email.

P.s. I don't have my camera, I sent it with B. The only thing I have is the camera phone until May please bear with me!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Emma loves babies

I know most little girls go through this phase, but E seems to be even more into babies than usual. She picked out her favorite porcelain doll at my grandma's while we were in CA and she came home on the plane with us. Unfortunately she can't really play with the doll. It is bigger than her, and is pretty breakable.

She loves anything baby. Pictures of babies, baby dolls, stories about babies, real babies....etc.

Every time baby David Miles comes to visit, she hs to hold him and sit by him every second. She helps with diaper changes, feedings, etc. Hmmmm, why wasn't she this interested with Iz???
E after opening a brand new baby doll package
E holding baby D

Monday, April 14, 2008

Mom's brags

Cause it's been awhile....

-J scored a goal during a blowout game for the Titans this weekend. Woooohoooo!
-E is 20 months old today. We can't believe just 4 months until she is 2!
-Iz took her first unassisted step last week. Just a matter of days until we have two toddlers.

Pictures from our trip

It's been forever since we posted. Our internet was down due to a router failure, but now we are back online. Not really much time to post news today. Things are crazy with B gearing up to leave the country. We have so many last minute things to catch up on before he leaves...yardwork, home repairs, spring cleaning, etc etc. I firmly believe I will not have much time to get anything done on my own while he is away.

So, for your enjoyment, here are some pics from our recent trip to CA.

Whew! Traveling wears us out!
Well, E anyway....Girls in tutus!

Bubbles bubbles everywhere! E's first encounter with them.

Can you blow some more this way folks???
Th original salt N peppa. Deb and I were born less than 24 hours apart. And grew up together during our preschool years. We hadn't seen each other in over 20 years!!!
Me and Mom on the wedding yacht.

With the bride, Amy. A very dear childhood friend. And we cheered together in high school.

With her sister Ann. They are also "irish twins". I am sandwiched in between them age-wise. We both dancedwith Bakersfield Ballet Theatre for many years, and graduated high school together.

E getting ready to slide at the Haner home. Go check their blog out over to the left. They were the best hosts, letting us have their children's rooms. We were very comfy there. Thanks guys!

Check out the view from their place!!!! Awesome!
After a family party at cousin Colleen's. That's her youngest daughter, Molly. And Iz, was about to pass out she was so tired! Mommy too!!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happy 9 months Lovebug!!!

We have be calling Iz the lovebug of the family lately, and it ws rcntly shortened to just "bug". In fact, E calls her bug too. Much easier to say than Isabel!!! She is the cuddliest, sweetest thing with a sunny-side-up disposition. She plays on her own, and is pretty tolerant of her sister messing around with her. I keep trying to tell E that she will probably not be as big as Iz dwn the road, so she'd better be nice!

Iz turned 9 months yesterday and today we had her well check up, complete with 4 vaccines :(
She is a happy, healthy baby. with 2 new bottom teeth...FINALLY! She stands unassisted and walks with the assistance of a push toy. She is in the 50th percentile for height and weight, and the Dr informed us we need to consider moving he out of her infant seat. We are actually working on that as I type. I have decided to sell the girls single stroller with the infant car seat and matching diaper bag. It is the Laura Ashley Aqua Bay design, and is not being manufactured anymore. It's in great condition, so if you know anyone who needs a great travel system....let me know!

Here are some misc pics of my sweet sweet baby Isabel.


I know it's been awhile since Easter, but I never had time to post pics of my sweeties. I never got any really good pics of them in their outfits. It was cold outside, and they didn't want to pose for the camera. Not even Iz.

E with Godparents A & C
Hunting eggs would be so much more fun if it weren't so cold!
Sailor girl Iz
E with God-daddy B....where is Godmom L???
J with cousin E
...and cousin H
Iz with Godmommy D
I am ecstatic about the egg hunt...can't you tell???
These are much more fun to play with