Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Who's that in my highchair???

E has recently been very curious about her sister using her highchair. It got so bad last week that she actually regressed and started having to eat bites of baby food while I was feeding Iz. Mmmmmmm I guess they never really lose the taste for those strained peas. She also steals Iz's sippy cup of water because apparently hers is not good enough.

The crime scene
Mommy is watching so I'll play this one cool.
Caught in the act!
The victim The perpetrator makes her escape
To help matters, last week B bought another high chair, gently used, from a student. Now we feed them at the same time so no one's food/sippy gets taken.
As convenient as this sounds, it has created a new problem. Iz thinks she needs to be eating table food with E, and she won't eat her baby food. Now if we could just get the poor girl some teeth....

Thursday, January 24, 2008

House o' germs

Friends and family, please keep our children in your prayers. E has a cold, and Iz has had a green goopy nose since December 1st. We can't figure out what is wrong with her and why we can't clear it up. She doesn't seem too bothered by evident by the last post. E has had issues with night wakings and schedules being thrown off, but seems fine otherwise.

On the other hand...poor J gave us quite a scare this past weekend. Long story short...what we thought was an asthma flare-up turned out to be pneumonia. He has been out of school since last Thursday and will hopefully be ready to return next Monday. He is responding well to the antibiotics and steroids...but most of all, prayers. After being added to several prayers groups and churches he has made quite a remarkable improvement!

Thanks guys!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The proof!

Aha! Something to pull up on!

Posing for great photo opp.Wait, should I play with the cool toy, or keep pulling up.

Now what do I do???

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lord help us all!!!

Ok, I don't have the picture to prove it...since it was so shocking as it was happening I didn't make the connection to grab a camera. I just kept saying to the child "Iz, you are too little to be doing can't possibly....don't do're going to get hurt".

And then she pulled up on my parent's coffee table. First to her knees, and then to a complete stand which lasted about 20 seconds, then she fell and hit her head. But it hasn't stopped her from trying again...and again.

This is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO wrong. She isn't even supposed to really be crawling yet. But pulling up?

Here is the developmental email I got from BBC this week:

Your 6 month old: week 3
Your baby can now roll over from her tummy to her back and vice versa. This may even occur when she's sleeping.

Oh really???? You think she might be ale to do that????

The first mention of "pulling up" on babycenter is in the 8 month newsletter. And it says this:

Your baby may be able to pull himself up to a standing position while holding on to furniture. In fact, if you stand your baby next to the sofa, he may be able to hold himself up, although he may be hanging on for dear life.

So....what do we do now? We already have to watch the climber like a hawk. Now this!

I am probably going to write a book one day called "Kamikazee kids and the parents who love them"

Thursday, January 17, 2008

To sleep, perchance to dream...

Iz was originally sleeping with this bunny.
But she started waking in the night screaming at and wrestling with the poor thing.
Here is her new lovey...

Aren't they angels when they sleep?

What is your child's comfort item?

It's never too early to start learning

I walked downstairs the other night to this sight.

Here's J doing his homework.

Here's E doing her "homework" too
Don't they look studious? Well, except for E posing for the camera.
I think E is cheating off of J's work here....
I'I'm finished! See ya!
(I just noticed that somewhere along the way we lost a pretty in her hair. Hmmm)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Oh, the places you'll go

Yesterday while Mommy was out running errands...Daddy and Isabel were watching football. E woke up from a nap, so Daddy ran upstairs quickly to get her. He returned seconds later to find this....

In case you can't tell, she had crawled across the room and wedged herself under the entertainment center. Thank goodness her head wouldn't go under or we might have lost her. ;)

Friday, January 11, 2008

What can I do at 6 months?

I am a little late at posting this. Isabel really turned 6 months last Wednesday. Can you believe it? The last few weeks we have been cleaning out the house of all things "newborn". It really is bittersweet. Unless God has some miraculous plans of his own, we have considered ourselves blessed with 3 babes and our baby chapter is almost over. Now with Iz able to move on her own, the swing has been replaced with a jumper, the bouncy seat has given way to a real high chair and the infant tub has become obsolete. I am still nursing her which has opened a brand new chapter in my life. My other two were weaned by 6 months (both on their own doing). Iz shows no signs of stopping at this point, although she gets very distracted if there are any noises around.

We are looking forward to having (dare I say) two toddlers... I am sure we are in for some craziness and a lot of fun. The girls LOVE playing with each other and J is happy to sit with them and play with baby toys for now. I do realize it will be at least a few months until Iz is walking, but seeing as that she has become mobile more quickly than her bro or sis, we aren't giving in to the hope that she will wait until her first Bday. Our other two were up and walking (well) by 10 1/2 months. We expect Iz to be doing the same by 10.

So....what does a 6 month old look like???

I am 16 1/2 pounds! (a whole 2 pounds heavier than my sister was at 6 months).
I am 26 inches tall. (75 % taller than most girls my surprise here just look at mommy and daddy)

I am eating small pieces of table food along with my jar baby food.

I can say "ma ma" and "da da" though I don't understand the association at this point.

I can hold a toy in one hand, and move it to the other.

I can sit on my own.

I can cross crawl (one hand in front of the other with my tummy up and off the ground).

I can sleep through the night (but I don't).

We'll keep working on THAT one!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The haircut

After two days of slathering E's head with detangler to no avail, I had had enough. Her hair was frizzy and out of control, frequently resembling a bird's nest. I called up the salon where I take J and we were off. They cut off a lot more than B or I really wanted, but the end result is beautiful. Her curls seem so much curlier and softer. Her stylist added layers which give her body at the top and make her whole head full of curls. She REALLY needed that cut. And now I have those first curls for the baby book. We also were told that no tear shampoo is a no-no for curly frizzy hair. It apparently dries it out even more and shouldn't be used once a baby grows in real hair. Thanks Johnson's...who knew?

I didn't get too many shots since I was trying to keep E and Iz happy meanwhile monitoring J's haircut at the same time.
Here she is in her sweet pink car
Looking a bit nervous about the whole situation
She seems pretty happy with the result, don't you think???