Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Easter...take 2.

Easter in North Texas was rainy and dreary. I sang a solo at two services, and had to be at church bright and early. B got the girls up and took them to my parent's house before he went to church. There, they were dressed and taken to church with my folks. They got to hunt eggs inside. At our church, the egg hunt was postponed until the following week.

Here are the pics I did manage to snap of the girls. It was windy outside and they were fighting with the hats most of the time. But they did get quite a bit of loot. When all was said and done, E had 4 eggs hunts this year, and Iz had 3.

Friday, April 17, 2009

By George...I think she's got it!

Today we acquired a new piece of furniture. It's probably the least expensive, but most exciting item of furniture that I've had the pleasure of purchasing in about 6 years.

Yesterday, as per usual, E asked to put on some panties and walked around in them. She does this all the time and in my head I grumbled that I would be cleaning up the mess in a few minutes (as usual). Imagine my surprise when she ran to me saying "I did it Mommy!". I was surprised to see that she actually made her way to her potty (Jacob's old model, circa 2001) and did her business. Excited doesn't begins to describe my feelings. We high-fived and I secretly thought...great...now we are "potty training" and that means cleaning up accidents, monitoring potty trips, making sure there is clean underwear...etc etc etc.

She has managed to keep herself dry now for 24 hours. Can I get an AMEN????

Oh, and the only reason we bought a new chair is because I am lazy and don't want to carry the other one up and down the stairs. She's still not too comfy with the big people seats...

Friday, April 3, 2009

Isabel's American Idol moment

I caught this on video totally by accident....and I'm glad I did.

It took me a minute to figure out what she was singing. Then I remembered they watched Sleeping Beauty earlier.


Today I took the girls to get haircuts. It was Iz's first one. She did not like it one bit! I didn't get many pics because I was holding her arms down most of the time. But you can see her beautiful blue eyes now!

Scoping out the scene



And when it's dry...

E's turn


And dry!

Don't they look so grown up???

Thursday, April 2, 2009

God grant me the sereniy...

Well, this morning we got B packed and out the door to Ole Miss. He will be there for the next 6 days in rehearsals, classes and performance of parts 2 and 3 of Handel's Messiah. I hate when he is gone and don't sleep very well. It's a little different than when he went to S America last year because it is half the time, I can reach him a most any time, and Isabel is sleeping through the night now. But this time the girls are even more challenging while awake. They constantly fight over insignificant toys, and other nonsense that leaves one drained and without a voice from the constant "redirection".

So....pray for me to make it through the week!

If you are interested in seeing B play with this, you can tune in to the live web broadcast at 8pm CST Monday April 6th.