Thursday, September 3, 2009

No fear

I didn't mean to scare anyone by the last blog post. We just have a lot going on here in the household.

First of all, I decided back in June I wanted to go back to work. Monday I was offered a position at a software company in the Sales and Marketing department. For now it is "temporary" filling in for someone on maternity leave until March 1 of next year.

The catch is that it is full time. I have been home with my babies since they were born, and we will all need a period of adjustment.

Brad has eagerly accepted the challenge of being a (mostly) stay at home dad. This week we are looking for a loving and nurturing Christian pre-school to allow Brad to teach his harpsichord lessons as needed. The school E attended last year has no openings this year for their age groups. And both girls will need to be cared for.

Changes changes changes. Must trust in God.

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