Sunday, September 13, 2009

First week?

So, how did we do?

How can you really measure. I managed to get to work every day. Brad survived with the kids. In fact, the first day of work I came home to a clean house and prepared dinner. I could totally get used to that!

I may have not mentioned that the day after I was given the position at my new company, Brad was contacted by UNT asking him to teach harpsichord. He of course accepted, but the juggling of children has really been a nightmare. I only took my job with the intention that Brad would be home with them. We are looking for a permanent solution to the problem of every other Tuesday and every Friday morning. Every other Tuesday he teaches down at Baylor and the girls don't have school. I was hoping to be able to interview sitters at some point and find a great solution, but the idea of bringing a stranger into our house is daunting. Dad has agreed to help in the short term. I would like to eventually have someone to relieve him though so he can continue enjoying retirement. We also need someone every Friday morning for Isabel while Brad is teaching and Emma is at school.

Speaking of school....I LOVE the girl's new school! They attend a Christian Academy much like the school I attended as a child. They attend M/W's and E also goes every Friday. It goes from toddlers up through 8th grade. We have entertained the idea of moving Jacob over as well. It would be hard on him in the beginning, but he makes friends easily. I firmly believe I had a superior education afforded to me by attending a private Christian school. And I did attend public high I DO know the difference. Night and day.

Isabel had a great first day of school (it was the first time she had ever attended). I peaked in the window after we dropped her and she was actively engaged in what the kids were doing. Emma was a little different story. We arrived late and she has chapel on Wednesdays. The kids were all packed into the theater singing songs and clapping. She seemed quite shy to let go of my leg. Her teacher came over and reassured her, and she was off. It was a good day for all. They are right across the highway from my office, so it helps knowing they are less than 5 minutes away if they ever need their mommy.

We are all exhausted with our new go go go schedule. I usually leave the house by 7 am and get home just after 4:30. I wake Jacob up on my way out, but Brad has to get the girls up, fed and ready for school. Tomorrow will be his first day completely on his own. I am starting to appreciate the weekends more than I have in a long time. Now if I could just figure out how to provide healthy home cooked meals for my family and fit in my workouts....there just aren't enough hours in the day.

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